Definition of Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque is a second name for al-Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem; both expressions have the same meaning and refer to the same Holy Site and its components; it is the place, which Allah, Exalted be He, allocated to be Prophet Muhammad’s home of al-Isra’, the Holy Journey at Night, and al-Mi’raj, from which the Prophet ascended to Heavens. It was during this journey that the Noble Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, led all other prophets and messengers in prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Al-Aqsa Mosque is the name of the space and land (inclusive of constructions) that is surrounded by the wall on all its four sides, with a total area of more than 144 dunams (one dunam=1000 m2) with lengths of 491m west, 462m east, 310m north, and 281m south. Al-Aqsa Mosque includes the Qibli Mosque (al-Jami’ al-Aqsa), the Marwani Mosque, the Dome of the Rock Mosque, al-Buraq Mosque, the lower Aqsa, Bab al-Rahmah, all grounds, prayer halls, corridors with all the historical buildings built on them, elevated platforms, water cisterns and waterways, all that exists above and underneath its space, all the roads and ramps that lead to its gates, and the walls themselves, including Al-Buraq Al-Sharif Wall.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is located in the southeastern corner of the walled Old City of Jerusalem, which is a total area of about one square kilometer (1000 dunams), containing tens of Waqf properties, real-estate and structures endowed for the benefit of al-Aqsa Mosque under the custodianship of the Hashemite King of Jordan in continuation of the  status that has existed before the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, and the same continues to be administered by the organs of the Government of Jordan under Jordanian law. This status has been confirmed by the Hashemite Custodianship of the Holy Sites Agreement signed by His Majesty King Abdulah II and the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas on March 31st, 2013.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is an exclusive holy site for the Muslims; non-Muslims categorically have no rights of any kind in it at all. Al-Aqsa Mosque is sacred and of significant importance for all Muslims and it is associated with their religious creed; it is of equal importance to al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and the Prophet Mosque in al-Madinah al-Munawara. It is the mosque that God Himself, Exalted be He, named “Al-Aqsa Mosque” in the first verse of Surat Al-Isra’: “Glory be to Him Who carried His servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa; the environs of which We have blessed, that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” (The Holy Qur’an, Al-Isra’ 17:1)

Al-Aqsa is Islam’s First Qibla and it is the Mosque to which Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ordered Muslims to make pilgrimage, as one of the three holiest mosques in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad said: “Do not set out for pilgrimage except to three mosques; Al-Masjid al-Haram [in Mecca], my Mosque [in Madina], and al-Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem].” narrated by Bukhari and Muslim. Throughout Islamic history, Muslims from all over the world have constantly made pilgrimage to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque and to safeguard it.

 The above-set out definition of al-Aqsa Mosque is established by Islamic religious and historical sources. History bears witness to this definition over fifteenth centuries up-to the present, where Muslims strife to do their duty towards al-Aqsa Mosque and their right to protect it. The Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf, Qadi al-Qudah, Public Ifta’ Department, the Jerusalem Great Mufti, Jerusalem Awqaf Council, Islamic Supreme Commission, the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf, Palestinian Qadi al-Qudah and the Muslim Scholars’ unswerving consensus all around the Muslim World confirm the abovementioned right and definition of al-Aqsa Mosque. They all reassure their rejection of the  attempts to Judaize al-Aqsa Mosque or any of its components by the Israeli Occupation Authorities, its various organs and the extreme Jewish organizations, which attempt  interfering with its administration,  hampering its reconstruction, and forcing strange and alien names [such as “The Temple Mount”] among other newly-created Judaization terms.


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