Palestinians mark al-Aqsa arson anniversary

The fateful fire on Al-Aqsa, Islam's third holiest site, took place on 21st of August 1969 by an Australian evangelical Christian settler named Denis Michael Rohan, who believed that burning the mosque would pave the way for re-building the Jewish Temple on Temple Mount.


The fire gutted the Southeastern wing of the mosque and destroyed the one -thousand year old Saladin’s Minbar or platform, considered a unique masterpiece and one of its kind in the world. It further destroyed the ornate wooden carved interior. 

The Secretary General of Islamic and Christian society in support of Jerusalem al-Quds criticizes the Israeli authorities for preventing people from extinguishing the blaze. 

The leader of Hamas in the West Bank has also slammed the Palestinian Authority for entering into negotiations with Israel while they are continuing their agenda of Judaizing Jerusalem al-Quds and attacks on mosques. 

Reports from the engineers who assessed the damage revealed that al Aqsa was burnt from three sides and the fire was started in two separate areas. They reported during the investigation that it was started by more than one person and blamed the Israeli occupation, who they believed were complicit in the crime as the fire took place under their guard. 

Officials from al Aqsa have highlighted the importance of marking the anniversary of the arson attack on al Aqsa mosque, saying that although this was an isolated incident, it is imperative to create international awareness to ensure the protection of this holy site. 

Source: Press TV

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