Palestinians Suffocated after Israeli Forces Stormed Al-Aqsa

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stormed Wednesday al-Aqsa mosque and fired sound bombs and tear gas canisters towards the Palestinian worshipers who were at the mosque's courtyards.

Medical sources reported that several worshipers suffocated due to tear gas inhalation.

The Israeli forces violently pushed worshipers, beat them with batons and detained them inside the silver doomed mosque in al-Aqsa.

It's worth mentioning that hundreds of students, Jerusalemites and residents of the 1948 territories gathered in the Aqsa mosque since the early morning hours, to protest the Jewish groups' incursions following calls to break into the mosque courtyards on Tuesday, on the eve of Sukkot.

Israeli Forces were deployed at Bab al-Magharbeh gate amid fears that possible clashes that would erupt between settlers and Palestinians in al-Quds, especially in al-Aqsa.

Source: Palestine News Network

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