Storming of Al-Aqsa condemned


The Palestinian Government in Gaza condemned the daily storming of Al-Aqsa courtyards by Israeli settlers and soldiers, pointing out that more than 1600 Israeli settlers have stormed al-Aqsa during the past week.

The statement renewed the calls on the Egyptian authorities to re-open Rafah border crossing permanently in both directions. It also condemned the Egyptian media incitement against the Palestinian people and resistance movements.

The statement found weird that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas paid the tribute to the Shas leader rabbi Ovadia Yosef who once "likened Palestinians to snakes and called on Abbas to vanish from our world,"

The government decried the inhuman treatment of  Palestinian refugees who fled from Syria to Italy, calling for treating them properly.

Moreover, it denounced the decision  made by Czech republic to move its embassy from (Tel Aviv) to occupied Jerusalem, urging it to reverse this decision which violates the international law.

The cabinet applauded the United Arab Media Council's decision for choosing Jerusalem as the capital of Arab media for the year of 2014. It called on all Arab journalists to bear their responsibilities in protecting Jerusalem from being judaized.


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