Destruction of al-Aqsa within extremist’s sight’s

In a move designed to prepare the ground to gauge the reaction upon the destruction of the al-Aqsa sanctuary; an Israeli court has decided to allow the Israeli government to demolish part of the Muhammad Al-Fatih Mosque in Jerusalem.

The Muhammad Al-Fatih Mosque, located in the Ras al-Amoud neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, was forced to expand in 2009 due to a massive increase in worshippers after Israeli authorities began preventing Palestinian worshippers from accessing the al-Aqsa sanctuary in Jerusalem's Old City.

The denial of entry for Palestinian worshippers began ten years ago, with the Israeli takeover of East Jerusalem and construction of the Annexation Wall through Palestinian land. Palestinians living on the east side of the Wall have been unable to enter Jerusalem except with special permits which are extremely difficult to obtain.

News of the demolition of the Muhammad Al-Fatih Mosque comes as attacks on the al-Aqsa sanctuary continue and majority of Palestinians denied access. On Tuesday, a group of around 40 Jewish settlers stormed the al-Aqsa sanctuary through the Moroccan Gate. The settlers toured the compound escorted by Israeli police officers to commemorate the eve of Jerusalem Day, a national holiday in Israel celebrating the occupation of East Jerusalem. 

Furthermore, Israeli forces once again showcased their penchant for brutality by clashing with Palestinian women trying to access the mosque. The soldiers verbally insulted the women and pushed them with one woman taken to hospital for treatment. 

We are currently witnessing a severe escalation of attacks on the blessed sanctuary. Israeli MPs, illegal settlers and Zionist tourists now violate the sanctity of the al-Aqsa sanctuary on a daily basis, safe in the knowledge that their actions will not be contested and that they will enjoy the security of occupying Israeli forces.  

Israel’s demolition of a section of the Muhammad Al-Fatih Mosque is quite clearly a dry run for Israel for the potential attack on al-Aqsa sanctuary.  As the international community has been silent throughout Israel’s frequent violations, this gives Israel confidence that when it proceeds with the destruction of the al-Aqsa sanctuary, it will have nothing to fear by way of reprisal from the international community.

The international community must wake up from its slumber of complicity in silence and take meaningful and effective steps to ensure that Israel stops its illegal, reckless and shameful campaign to destroy religious sites.


Friends of Al-Aqsa

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